Metal Skin® Series

High-Performance RFID Labels: Durable, Flexible, and Long-Range for Precise Asset and Inventory Management

Printable-RFID-Labels-Xerafy-Metal-Skin-Series-e1721123815527-420x280 Metal Skin® | on metal labels

The award-winning Xerafy Metal Skin® series offers the ultimate durable labeling solutions for high-value items. Whether ensuring efficient logistics for MRO parts and components, tracking WIP inventory in manufacturing, locating medical equipment in hospitals, managing data center and electronic assets, or running complex supply chains, the durable on metal RFID labels provide the flexibility and accuracy needed to power operational efficiency.

Available in sizes and read ranges adapted to various assets and inventory, Xerafy Metal Skin® labels ensure market-leading performance on both metal and plastic surfaces.


With their IP ratings and resistance to moderate solvents and caustics/acids, the labels are built to withstand demanding environments, enabling precise data capture.

Xerafy-METAL-SKIN-Mercury-for-IT-Inventory_laptop-150x150 Metal Skin® | on metal labels

“These innovative labeling solutions help industry players reap the enormous benefits of EPC/RFID and make cost-effective tracking a reality.”

The laminated face stock is thermal-transfer printable and can feature a logo, ID number, or barcode, while the flexible permanent industrial adhesive back ensures secure bonding on any flat or curved surfaces.

Exceptionally thin and flexible, the on-metal labels are ready to use and easy to deploy. They allow for custom printing in the field and are compatible with industrial RFID printers from Zebra, SATO, TSC, and more.

Additionally, powered by the latest RFID chips from Impinj and NXP, the labels’ memory can be leveraged to create unique IDs for each item, offering cutting-edge item-level tracking features.

Ready to deploy and easy to use, Xerafy’s Metal Skin® RFID labels deliver reliable performance and exceptional durability, making them the ideal choice for integrated tracking systems.

On Metal RFID Labels That Stand Out

The durable RFID stickers in the Metal Skin® series adapt to assets and inventory of all types, sizes, and materials

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-01 Metal Skin® | on metal labels

Metal and Plastics

On-metal labels engineered for exceptional performance on non-metal surfaces

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-02 Metal Skin® | on metal labels

On-Site Printing

Thin flexible labels with white face stock for thermal printing on Zebra, and more

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-03 Metal Skin® | on metal labels

Industrial Adhesives

Wet labels with permanent adhesives for secure bonding on flat and curved surfaces

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-04 Metal Skin® | on metal labels

19 meters

Latest chips from Impinj and NXP for cutting-edge performance

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-05 Metal Skin® | on metal labels


Engineered to withstand water, dust, temperature changes, moderate solvents and caustics/acids

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-06 Metal Skin® | on metal labels


Item-level tracking solution, shipping in rolls ready to deploy

Largest-Printable-Label-Xerafy-Metal-Skin-Mercury Metal Skin® | on metal labels

Mercury Label

Largest Printable Label

The Mercury Label is part of the Metal Skin® series of high-performance UHF RFID labels that work on and off metal.

It is optimized for on-site printing and encoding thanks to its lightweight, flexible, and low-profile design.

The RFID sticker's large printable area makes it an ideal solution for asset tracking systems that deploy RF identification alongside human and computer-readable information like barcodes and graphics.

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Delta-new Metal Skin® | on metal labels

Delta Label

Most Flexible Label

The Delta Label is the most flexible of Xerafy's Metal Skin® on-metal UHF RFID labels and delivers a read range of 4.5 meters.

The printable RFID sticker comes with a high-performance adhesive for maximum durability on curved surfaces.

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Platinum-new Metal Skin® | on metal labels

Platinum Label

Leading Read Range

The Xerafy Platinum Label offers a market-leading UHF RFID read range in the Metal Skin® series.

Its superior design delivers industry-grade visibility, thanks to its thinnest profile, high-performance adhesive, and printable laminated material.

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Xerafy%20Titanium%20Metal%20Skin Metal Skin® | on metal labels

Titanium Label

Smallest RFID Sticker

The Xerafy Titanium Labels is the smallest printable UHF RFID label in the Metal Skin® series.

Working both On-Metal and Off, its industry-strength adhesive brings a cost-effective RFID tracking solution for a wide range of applications from IT assets to product authentication, high-value items, and medical supplies.

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be customized?

All the durable UHF RFID labeling solutions in the Metal Skin® series can be personalized

to support the deployment of smart labels tracking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-01 Metal Skin® | on metal labels


Compatible with thermal transfer printing: Serial numbers, IDs, Logo, 1D and 2D Barcodes

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-02 Metal Skin® | on metal labels


durable identification

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-03 Metal Skin® | on metal labels


Support unique IDs
and serialization for item-level tracking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-04 Metal Skin® | on metal labels


Support for custom adhesives, protective layer...

FAQs RFID Labeling

What are Metal Skin® RFID labels used for?

Metal Skin® are durable RFID labels used for the tracking of assets and inventory, including:

+ Parts and Components in MRO for Aerospace, Rail, Construction, Mining, etc

+ WIP Inventory in Automotive and Manufacturing

+ Automated Warehouse for high-value items

+ Reusable Packaging and Containers such as pallets, totes, crates

+ Data Centers equipment such as servers and racks

+ Electronic Devices, including barcode readers, laptops, and tablets

+ Hospital Equipment

How durable are Metal Skin® labels?

Metal Skin® RFID labels offer durability against conditions observed in challenging environments:

  1. Water: IP57 to IP68 ratings
  2. Dust
  3. Temperature variations: -40° to +85°C
  4. Moderate solvents and caustics/acids

Rugged alternatives are available such as the Pod Trak, a large printable label with a transparent protective cover, or the XSKIN Theta, a high temperature RFID inlay.

Can Metal Skin® labels be used on metal surfaces?

Yes, the Metal Skin® series are on-metal labels designed to perform reliably on metal and other industrial materials like plastics. Standard RFID labeling solutions struggle with metal surfaces due to interferences, but Metal Skin® labels include a spacer to shield the RF antenna.

Unlike most on-metal labels, the Xerafy’s Metal Skin® series works well on both metal and plastics, and they can be read on both sides when unattached. 

Specialized off-metal labeling solutions are also available in Xerafy’s XSKIN series.

How to read Metal Skin® labels?

The labels can be read using any RAIN RFID reader, handheld or fixed. They are all standard passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) that comply with EPCglobal Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63 standards, also referred to as RAIN RFID.

Xerafy offers a selection of recommended handheld RFID readers, with some supporting 1D and 2D barcode scanning. All are proven in the field to ensure full compatibility and optimal performance.

What Metal Skin® labels to use with Zebra printers?

All Xerafy Metal Skin® series RFID labels can be printed and/or encoded on the Zebra ZT411R.


The labels are also compatible with other leading industrial RFID printers including the SATO CL4NX Plus and TSC T6000e.

Are Metal Skin® labels available through a Service Bureau?

Yes, Metal Skin® labels can be pre-printed and encoded by Xerafy’s service bureau as well as through the company’s network of Authorized Partners.

Which adhesives are used on Xerafy Metal Skin® RFID labels?

The Xerafy Metal Skin® series RFID labels are available with permanent pressure-sensitive  industrial adhesives from 3M and Tesa. Other options are customizable on request.

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