How Warwickshire College Automates Its IT Asset Inventory With RFID

Laptop tagged with Xerafy METAL SKIN Platinum RFID label for IT equipment Tracking
With over six centers, 1,700 staff and 18,500 students needing support for both administration and learning facilities, IT asset inventory at Warwickshire College comes with significant challenges.










IT Assets

Warwickshire College is one of the largest colleges of further and higher education in the Midlands region.

The College has made significant investments to support courses and apprenticeships in technology-led trades and recently invested in an additional 1,200 PCs for students.

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Large Scale IT Asset Inventory

It has the twin problems of controlling and tracking IT assets used by its administrative staff and those used by students.

In addition, the College has many items of audiovisual equipment, especially those units used in the College’s newly extended Leamington center, where technology is used to promote entrepreneurial skills.

How Not To Track IT Assets

Historically, systems used to audit IT Assets were time-consuming and, the College felt, not always accurate.

Like many other organizations, the College’s original system for managing IT assets was based on printed barcode labels stuck onto equipment. Serial numbers from labels were transcribed manually to spreadsheets creating a record of what equipment was where in the college.

Inevitably the audit process of checking labels and updating spreadsheets was both time-consuming and prone to error, causing unnecessary costs and providing inaccurate information on the whereabouts of assets.


Which IT Asset Tracker

To help improve the control of their IT assets, Warwickshire College decided to introduce RFID tagging for IT assets.

They chose CoreRFID to work with them on selecting and supplying the right technology and applications to deliver their solution and selected Xerafy’s Metal Skin series of printable RFID labels.


IT-Asset-Tracking How Warwickshire College Automates Its IT Asset Inventory With RFID
Xerafy METAL SKIN Titanium for IT Assets

Xerafy is a pioneer in Industrial RFID, bringing to market several innovations that enable advanced industrial identification and automation capabilities. 


In addition to a complete range of field-proven RFID tags available off-the-shelf, Xerafy offers Custom RFID Tags services, covering everything from a personalization service bureau to custom-design engineering capabilities.

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