ROSWELL series

Toughest On Metal RFID Tags For Extreme Durability In Hazardous Environments

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The Xerafy ROSWELL series represents the ultimate survivability in rugged RFID tags.

The heavy-duty RFID tags benefit from an innovative patent-pending antenna-free structure that provides exceptional durability and RFID performance where everything else fails: Heat, pressure, shocks, vibrations, compression, pressure, vapor, fluids, chemicals…


Can RFID work in metal? The embeddable RFID tags are engineered to be flush-mounted and make full use of the metal in the asset to increase RF performance.


In operation above and below ground, Xerafy’s ROSWELL series of passive on metal RFID tags are proven for asset tracking in the field, supplementing the MICRO high-temp tags and PICO small tags.

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“Considering the environment and working conditions the tag would have to endure, the mounting options available to us, and the surfaces we would need to work with, the Xerafy Roswell ticked all the boxes.”

Toughest RFID Tags That Stand Out

The ROSWELL series of passive on-metal RFID tags offer tagging solutions for hazardous environments

while performing reliably under the most stringent circumstances

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250C and 30,000psi

Stainless Steel or Aluminum cases

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Ultimate Survivability

Built to withstand fluids (IP ratings), shocks, and chemicals

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Omni Direction

Full 180-degree read orientation in the field

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Rivets And More

Rugged mounting options: Rivets, Screws, Welding, Embedding

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ATEX and Autoclavable versions available

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User Memory

Encoding for unique and secure identification

Roswell_ ROSWELL | toughest


Best For Hazardous Environments

The Roswell is the first rugged RFID tag of its kind, using only its aluminum exterior as an antenna.


Its patent-pending antenna-free design enables item-level tracking for demanding applications, with an ATEX version certified for hazardous environments.

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Autoclavable_Roswel ROSWELL | toughest

ROSWELL Autoclavable

The World's Most Durable Tag

The Roswell Autoclavable is an on metal RFID tag that meets the high temperature and pressure requirements for use in autoclaves.

Its design confers extreme durability to the stainless steel case while being quick and convenient to mount onto a basket or container, using reliable tagging options.

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Xplorer ROSWELL | toughest

XPLORER Downhole

First For Downhole Equipment

The Xplorer Downhole is a rugged RFID tag that has been validated for simultaneous high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

It is designed to perform and survive in a boring well, under extreme pressures, vibrations, temperatures, and chemicals. Its round form-factor is embeddable in metal structures to allow for firm and seamless insertion and offer additional durability.

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ROSWELL-Xplorer-surface ROSWELL | toughest


Extra Strong Embeddable Tag

The Xplorer Surface is a rugged RFID tag with a frequency range optimized for reads on the surface.

It brings ultra-durability features against the high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and impacts that are prevalent in the field away from downhole operations, thanks to its ​stainless steel case.

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How to Print, Mark, Encode, and
Custom Design?

All the tough on-metal RFID tags in the ROSWELL series can be fully
personalized to support the deployment of your RFID system

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Silk-printing for customized branding and identification

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-02 ROSWELL | toughest


Durable laser engraving for
permanent marking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-03 ROSWELL | toughest


User memory versions for
encoding and programming

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Design options: ATEX, Metal backplate...

FAQs Roswell series

What RFID readers work with the ROSWELL series?

The ROSWELL series tags are all standard passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tags that comply with EPCglobal Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63 standards, also referred to as RAIN RFID.

A wide range of fixed and handheld RFID readers is available, with frequencies and antenna polarization matching the tags’ to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

What is an ultra high temperature RFID tag?

With typical application temperatures ranging from 85°C to 250°C for industrial processes, tags are ruggedized using packaging materials such as ceramic, which Xerafy introduced in 2010.

Xerafy offers mount on metal RFID tags that are field-proven for ultra high temperature, available in a variety of form factors, frequencies, and case materials, and that can be customized.

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What is autoclavable RFID?

A combination of heat, steam, fluids, gas, and irradiation is used in medical autoclaves and sterilizers to kill microorganisms and sterilize medical devices and instruments.

Autoclavable RFID tags from Xerafy are qualified to survive and perform through the repeated sterilization cycles of hospital’s CSSP/SPD re-processing.

Xerafy-TRAY-TRAK-RFID-Tag-on-Plastic-Loaner-Tray ROSWELL | toughest


What are ATEX RFID tags?

ATEX/IECEx-certified RFID tags are intrinsically safe to operate in explosive atmospheres in the presence of gas, vapor, mist, powder, or dust.

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