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Long-Range RFID Tags For All-Weather Passive Tracking Of Shipping Containers, Trucks, Cargo, Pallets, Totes

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The Xerafy OUTDOOR series tags are long range RFID tags designed to offer the all-weather durability required for RFID container tracking and the management of cargo and RTI.

The passive RFID hard tags are engineered to perform exceptionally in outdoor tracking systems, where distances and operational conditions cannot be controlled, alongside the TRAK inventory tags and METAL SKIN printable labels series of RFID tags.


OUTDOOR tags have the capacity to use the metal in the asset to reach distances of 20 meters and beyond.

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“Xerafy is a highly regarded specialist in the field of RFID for mission-critical applications, and their RFID tag came out on top of our evaluation.”

Long-Range RFID Tags That Stand Out

The OUTDOOR series tags offers passive UHF hard tags optimized to deliver long read ranges

independently from the asset surface material and the mounting system

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20 Meters

Market-leading read ranges on metal

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Durability outdoors and indoors, with IP68 rated cases and anti-UV materials

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RF performance optimized for industrial surfaces: Metal, Plastics, Wood

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Versatile systems: Rivets, Screws, Adhesive, Magnet, Zip Tie

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Regional and Global RAIN RFID available

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Encoding, Printing, Industrial Adhesives

Container%20Trak OUTDOOR | long range

Container OUTDOOR

Leader For Long-Range Visibility

The Container Outdoor is a passive RFID tag with an industry-leading read-range of 20 meters.

The long range RFID tag is engineered for all-weather durability, providing performance and accuracy to container tracking in ports and shipping.

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Cargo%20Outdoor OUTDOOR | long range


Multi-Surface Visibility

The Cargo Outdoor is a passive long-range RFID tag engineered to operate on metals as well as plastics.

The all-weather tag's reinforced case has a lifetime of up to 10 years, offering a universal tagging solution for cargo shipping.

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RTI%20Outdoor OUTDOOR | long range


Best Choice For RTI Visibility

The RTI Outdoor long range RFID tag is designed for the management of pallets, totes, and bins, providing performance in a nimble form factor.

The UV-proof polymer casing and IP68 rating make it a weather-proof tagging solution for the management of large inventories of RTIs.

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Flex%20Trak OUTDOOR | long range


Flexible Off-Metal Outdoor Tag

The Flex Outdoor is flexible by design, its waterproof case making it the ideal reusable RFID tagging solution for shipping and trucks.

The passive long range RFID tag delivers an impressive 7.5 meters read range on non-metal surfaces, and can be attached or hung on cargo.

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How to Print, Mark, Encode, and
Custom Design?

All the RFID tags in the OUTDOOR series can be fully personalized

to support the deployment of your RFID system

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Silk-screen printing options include logo, serial numbers

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-02 OUTDOOR | long range


Durable laser engraving for
permanent marking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-03 OUTDOOR | long range


User memory versions for
encoding and programming

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Custom options: Industrial adhesives, mounting systems...

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