RFID for Manufacturing And Industrial Processes

Asset availability and data collection in even the most challenging industrial processes.

RFID tracking transforms the way businesses monitor, manage, and optimize their manufacturing operations.

By employing RFID tags and readers, manufacturers gain real-time visibility into inventory, production, and logistics, contributing to overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the manufacturing sector.

While outdated production systems still rely on paperwork and spreadsheets, others have experimented with barcodes only to discover their limitations in terms of scalability and automation.

RFID offers a proven technology, that has long been used in supply chain and intralogistics inventory management to create visibility. And rugged RFID tags are available to help enhance asset availability in even the most challenging industrial processes and data collection for systems in production monitoring, quality control, traceability, and maintenance management.

RFID For Manufacturing Industry

Rectangle-57 RFID for Manufacturing

High Temp

Survivability in extreme temperatures is critical. Rugged high-temp RFID tags surviving up to 250C are readily available. For anything above, the smart option is using tags that are easy to remove or replace.


Find the perfect balance between durable and disposable, e.g.: High-spec reusable tags on Paint Shop skids and conveyors, or disposable labels staying with each component throughout its manufacturing workflow.


Manufacturing relies on proprietary methods and equipment, making customization capabilities a requirement: Software, readers, tags form factors, mounting options, and materials.

What are the challenges of production tracking?

Production systems require more data points, faster, and with high accuracy. Paperwork, spreadsheets, and barcodes are holding them back when it comes to automation, scalability, and durability.


Production environments start in the 55-110C range for cooking, pressurization, and sterilization. Temperatures up to 160C are common for industrial distillation and kilning, while chemicals are in the 90-200C range.


Automotive paint shops, for instance, involve Temperature cycling, Water immersion, Jets, Caustic chemicals, Pressure, Shocks, Vibrations...


Manufacturing systems such as Automation, Just-In-Time, and their Software depend on accurate data, which calls for industry-grade reliability and performance.


Proprietary production equipment and processes require solutions to be customizable.


Deployment in the field involves thorough testings and qualification.

Specialized industrial RFID systems for Manufacturing

Specialized Industrial RFID systems are available to give real-time data with the accuracy and dependability required for automation, just-in-time, and custom manufacturing.​

Automotive production provides a wide range of examples of RFID tracking with qualified software and hardware to capture data on the assembly line, in specialized workshops, and on the shop floor.

Xerafy offers a wide range of on metal RFID tags as well as embeddable versions for use in metal, with a service bureau available for printingmarkingencoding, and custom-building.

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