Metal Skin® series

RFID Labeling For Inventory And Asset Tracking: Adhesive, Printable, Encoded, On Metal and Plastics, Rugged

Metal-Skin-1 Metal Skin® | printable labels

RFID labels are printable, programmable stickers that are the perfect solution for tracking inventory, assets, and other critical items.


Rugged and easy to use, the Xerafy Metal Skin® series of RFID labels will provide accurate data and help streamline your supply chain process. 

The RFID stickers are engineered to offer a rugged labeling solution optimized for metal and plastic surfaces, enabling maximum flexibility in deploying complex tracking systems.

Xerafy-METAL-SKIN-Mercury-for-IT-Inventory_laptop-150x150 Metal Skin® | printable labels

“These innovative products help industry players reap the enormous benefits of EPC/RFID and make cost-effective tracking a reality.”

RFID Labels That Stand Out

All the RFID stickers in the Metal Skin® series can be printed and encoded by the Xerafy Service Bureau

to support the deployment of smart labels tracking

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4 Label Sizes

White face stock material available in 4 different sizes, to incorporate readable information and barcode

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-02 Metal Skin® | printable labels

On-Site Printing

1mm thin labels with flexible design, optimized for printing and encoding on-site with leading RFID printers

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-03 Metal Skin® | printable labels


RF performance optimized for industrial surfaces: Metal, Plastics, Wood

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-04 Metal Skin® | printable labels


Operate effectively in various environments and climates: IP68/57 ratings against dust and water immersion, temperatures from -40℃ to +85℃, industrial adhesives

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-05 Metal Skin® | printable labels


Rolls ready for high-capacity label converting, printing, and encoding

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-06 Metal Skin® | printable labels


Printing, Encoding, Industrial Adhesives

Mercury Metal Skin® | printable labels

Mercury Label

Largest Printable Label

The Mercury Label is part of the Metal Skin® series of high-performance UHF RFID labels that work on and off metal.

It is optimized for on-site printing and encoding thanks to its lightweight, flexible, and low-profile design.

The RFID sticker's large printable area makes it an ideal solution for asset tracking systems that deploy RF identification alongside human and computer-readable information like barcodes and graphics.

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Delta-new Metal Skin® | printable labels

Delta Label

Most Flexible Label

The Delta Label is the most flexible of Xerafy's Metal Skin® on-metal UHF RFID labels and delivers a read range of 4.5 meters.

The printable RFID sticker comes with a high-performance adhesive for maximum durability on curved surfaces.

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Platinum-new Metal Skin® | printable labels

Platinum Label

Leading Read Range

The Xerafy Platinum Label offers a market-leading UHF RFID read range in the Metal Skin® series.

Its superior design delivers industry-grade visibility, thanks to its thinnest profile, high-performance adhesive, and printable laminated material.

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Xerafy%20Titanium%20Metal%20Skin Metal Skin® | printable labels

Titanium Label

Smallest RFID Sticker

The Xerafy Titanium Labels is the smallest printable UHF RFID label in the Metal Skin® series.

Working both On-Metal and Off, its industry-strength adhesive brings a cost-effective RFID tracking solution for a wide range of applications from IT assets to product authentication, high-value items, and medical supplies.

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How to Print, Mark, Encode, and
Custom Design?

All the UHF RFID labeling solutions in the Metal Skin® series can be personalized

to support the deployment of smart labels tracking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-01 Metal Skin® | printable labels


Thermal transfer: Barcode, QR code, logo, serial numbers...

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-02 Metal Skin® | printable labels



xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-03 Metal Skin® | printable labels


Unique, customized
identification numbers

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-04 Metal Skin® | printable labels


Custom options: Industrial adhesives,
added protection...

FAQs RFID Labeling

What RFID readers work with the Metal Skin® series?

The Metal Skin® series labels are all standard passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tags that comply with EPCglobal Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63 standards, also referred to as RAIN RFID.

A wide range of fixed and handheld RFID readers is available, with frequencies and antenna polarization matching the labels’ to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

What are RFID tracking stickers, labels, and inlays?

RFID Stickers, labels, and inlays are all commonly used for inventory tracking, supply chain management, and asset tracking. RFID stickers and labels are meant to be attached to objects or surfaces, while RFID inlays are designed to be embedded within an object or material.

They differ in the materials used in their construction:

An RFID inlay is simply an RFID Chip (IC), Antenna, and Substrate mounted on a film face (typically a durable material such as polyester or polypropylene). A “Wet Inlay” is one that has adhesive on the base. Otherwise, it’s known as a Dry Inlay.

An RFID label features a printable face stock material on top of an inlay. An RFID sticker will see an adhesive base added to a label. They are usually made of paper or plastic.

How much do RFID labels cost?

Generally, the cost per label ranges from a few cents up to a dollar for smart labels tracking solutions like Xerafy’s Metal Skin®.

Cost depends on several factors such as the quantity ordered and the size of the label. An RFID label supplier or manufacturer will be able to provide a specific quote based on the requirements.

How to customize RFID printer labels?

Most on metal RFID labels available in the market are thicker than average due to the spacer used to shield the RF antenna from the metal surface. The extra thickness and rigidity make them hard to apply on assets and harder to feed in an on-site printer.

The Xerafy Metal Skin® RFID printer labels use an award-winning design that allows for extremely thin and flexible profiles while delivering high performance on metal, plastics, and other industrial surfaces.

The SATO x Xerafy User Guide provides step-by-step instructions for the printable RFID labels with the SATO CL4NX Plus printer.

Which industrial printers to use for RFID labels?

RFID printable labels can be printed and programmed using industrial printers. Leading manufacturers include SATO, ZEBRA, TOSHIBA, POSTEK, PRINTRONIX.

The SATO CL4NX Plus and ZEBRA ZT410/411/400 series are Industrial RFID thermal printers widely used in the field, with the printer settings adjusted to the label thickness.

How well do RFID stickers read on metal surfaces?

Using standard RFID on metal assets can be tricky: Metal surfaces will be like mirrors, reflecting the energy emitted by RFID readers to power the labels, thus creating interferences. Metal assets, therefore, require specialized stickers called on-metal or metal-mount.

On-metal RFID stickers are specifically designed to perform on metal surfaces by adding a spacer that creates a gap to shield the RF antenna from the metal. Most on-metal labels, in turn, perform poorly on non-metal surfaces such as plastics.

Xerafy’s Metal Skin® series of RFID stickers are optimized to perform well on both metal surfaces and industrial plastics. Moreover, when read on air or unattached onto a metal item, they can be read on both sides.

Do RFID stickers work on curved surfaces?

A consequence of bending an RFID sticker is that it will close its RF loop, resulting in shortened read distance performance.

A sticker’s bend radius matters for curved surfaces and will depend on the materials’ overall thickness (including face stock material and adhesive).

The Xerafy Metal Skin® stickers are among the thinnest printable on-metal RFID labels available in the market, ensuring maximum adherence to surfaces.

As a guideline, a label oriented horizontally would achieve 50% of its reference read-range performance with a minimum bending radius of 40mm (1.6in). Oriented vertically, the minimum bending radius would be 25mm (1in).

What are programmable RFID stickers?

Programmable RFID stickers feature a chip that can be encoded with data, allowing for flexibility in how the labels can be used.

For instance, the Xerafy Metal Skin® RFID labels can be programmed with EPC numbers, either on-site or by the manufacturer. The information is stored in the label’s TID memory bank and is retrieved with standard fixed or handheld readers operating at the same frequencies as the labels.

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