RFID For Logistics

Automated data capture for tracking and managing orders, inventory, shipments.

RFID has emerged as a pivotal technology in logistics, offering a comprehensive and automated approach to tracking and managing orders, inventory, and shipments.

Unlike traditional barcode systems, RFID enables real-time visibility, accurate identification, and data capture without the need for direct line-of-sight contact. From inventory control and order fulfillment to transportation management and warehouse optimization, businesses leverage RFID to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and gain actionable insights through seamless integration into existing operational frameworks.

Impact of RFID For Logistics

Rectangle-57 RFID for Logistics

99.9% Shipment Accuracy

RFID-enabled systems help reduce picking errors with up to 30% faster order fulfillment, thanks to automated identification and data entry

40% Faster Truck Turnaround

RFID tracking help minimize waiting times in the yard and automates check-in/check-out time.

+25% Asset Utilization

RFID-enabled monitoring of RTPs' movement and usage patterns, allowing efficient allocation and preventing underutilization.

RFID Pallet Tracking

RFID technology brings efficiency and accountability in pallet pooling, reshaping how reusable pallets are managed and tracked throughout their lifecycle.

By integrating RFID tags onto pallets, a wealth of data becomes accessible, enabling real-time monitoring of pallet movements, locations, and utilization rates. This dynamic tracking empowers pallet pool managers to optimize allocation, streamline distribution, and accurately invoice based on usage.

With RFID, the entire pallet pooling ecosystem gains transparency, mitigating issues of loss, overuse, and underutilization.

RFID Tagging for Gas Cylinders

The market relies on refillable metal cylinders and kegs for the storage and distribution of industrial gases such as nitrogen, helium, oxygen, etc.

industrial-gas-cylinders-300x197 RFID for Logistics

The handling of gas cylinders presents significant safety and explosion hazards, necessitating the implementation of safety protocols. Operators leverage specialized RFID tagging solutions to enable full traceability and allow for real-time management to fight inventory shrinkage.

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