IT Asset Management
with RFID

Asset management with RFID for technology and high-value equipment that are critical to operations in the office, the warehouse, the lab

IT asset management leverages RFID technology for smoother, more efficient operations, paving the way for enhanced productivity and cost savings.

RFID tags, affixed to devices like laptops, inventory scanners, or laboratory equipment, automatically transmit information to RFID readers, without any direct line of sight. The whereabouts and status of each technology asset can be tracked effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reducing the likelihood of errors.

RFID technology significantly cuts down on human intervention, minimizing the chances of human error and saving precious time. Moreover, the ability to track the entire lifecycle of a technology asset from procurement to disposal provides valuable insights for making informed decisions about resource allocation and upgrades.

IT Asset Management With RFID

Rectangle-57 RFID for IT Asset Management

25% Decrease in Data Entry Errors

RFID technology automates asset tracking, ensuring a high level of accuracy in asset visibility.

40% Reduction in Audit Time

RFID enables swift, automated asset audits, allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

+15% Asset Utilization Rates

Organizations experience an improvement in asset utilization rates, indicating a more efficient use of resources and an optimized return on investment.

How to RFID tag small devices such as laptops?

RFID tagging laptops or other small devices such as pads or phones involves selecting appropriate RFID tags, considering the material of the devices, and ensuring optimal placement for efficient tracking.

Laptops typically have metal surfaces, therefore consider using on-metal RFID labels designed to perform well on such surfaces.

The Xerafy Metal Skin Titanium is a printable flexible adhesive label that has been designed to be low-profile and unobtrusive, allowing for optimal placement on the laptop.

Which ITAM software integrate with RFID?

Integrating the RFID tracking system with an IT Asset Management software allows for seamless tracking, monitoring, and management of assets within the organization.

Several IT Asset Management (ITAM) software solutions integrate with RFID technology: ServiceNow, Ivanti Asset Manager, TrackX, Asset Panda, IBM Maximo Asset Management, etc. Alternatively, an RFID middleware can be used.

Can you RFID tag curved surfaces?

Yes, RFID technology can be applied to curved surfaces.

RFID tags come in various form factors, including flexible and conformable tags that can adhere to irregular or curved surfaces. These tags are designed to be versatile and can conform to the shape of the object they are attached to, whether it’s a curved surface, a cylindrical object, or other non-flat geometries.

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