XS series

Smallest RFID Tags Enabling Item-Level Tracking in Mission-Critical Operations

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The Xerafy XS series packs RFID performance into the smallest rugged on metal RFID tags available for item-level tracking of tools, instruments, and pipes.

The award-winning XS series tags are in operation around the world enabling RFID Systems deployed to support mission-critical operations, alongside the MICRO high-temp tags, and PICO small tags.

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“We tested many different types of tags, but Xerafy’s ability to read reliably and the minimum size of the XS series tags are unparalleled.”

Smallest RFID Tags That Stand Out

The Xerafy XS series on-metal RFID tags are available in market-leading small sizes for

tracking solutions adapted to the smallest assets

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6mm Small

Two compact form factors to fit the smallest assets

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-02 XS | smallest

2 Meters

Up to 2 meters (or 6.6 feet) read range, on metal

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-03 XS | smallest


Available in a packaged version for embedding in metal

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-04 XS | smallest


Industry-grade materials for durability in the field

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-05 XS | smallest

Flexible Tagging

Tagging for optimal fit: Epoxy, Heat-shrink tube, Adhesive

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User Memory

Encoding for unique and secure identification

425-15 XS | smallest

XS Dash

Market Leader For Critical Process

The Xerafy XS Dash is a smaller RFID tag specially designed for on metal asset tracking.


Its rectangular shape makes it the perfect match for tools and instruments while its rugged construction ensures its full performance in harsh environments.

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XS-Dot XS | smallest

XS Dot

World's Smallest Ceramic Tag

The Xerafy XS Dot is the market-leading small RFID tag for on metal asset tracking.

Patented Xerafy ceramic technology ensures that the rugged RFID tag delivers performance well beyond market standards when it comes to metal and harsh environments.

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XS-Wedge XS | smallest

XS Wedge

Embeddable For Critical Systems

The Xerafy XS Wedge is a small RFID tag engineered to deliver high performance in the most demanding temperature and pressure.

Its round design makes it easily embeddable in metal with a read range of up to 1 meter. The rugged RFID tag uses a high-performance polymer for its IP68-rated case to ensure exceptional dirt, chemical, UV, and wear resistance, as well as excellent mechanical properties.

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How to Print, Mark, Encode Small RFID?

All the XS series smallest RFID tags can be fully
personalized to support the deployment of your RFID system


xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-01 XS | smallest


Silk-printing for customized branding and identification

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-02 XS | smallest


Durable laser engraving for permanent marking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-03 XS | smallest


User memory for
encoding and programming

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-04 XS | smallest


Industrial Adhesives, ATEX Certified Versions

FAQs Smallest RFID Tags

What RFID readers work with the XS series?

The XS series tags are all standard passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tags that comply with EPCglobal Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63 standards, also referred to as RAIN RFID.

A wide range of fixed and handheld RFID readers is available, with frequencies and antenna polarization matching the tags’ to ensure compatibility and optimal performance in RFID systems like tool cribes and cabinets.

How small is the smallest RFID chip?

One of the best-known and smallest UHF RFID chips is the μ-chip (mu-chip), developed by Hitachi, and functions with a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz.

The μ-chip measures only 0.4 mm x 0.4 mm, which is about the size of a grain of sand. Its tiny size limits the read distances to only a few millimeters.

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