How Compta Added Real-Time Data To Its Waste Management Solution

Compta leads the field in Urban Waste Collection Management with its Bee2Waste solution in operations in over 40 cities across Europe and South America.










Waste Management

Portuguese technology company Compta manages 250,000 waste containers in Europe alone. The company was looking at adding specific features to its solution for municipalities and waste collection service companies:

  • Monitoring of filling capacity
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The requirements focused on UHF rewriteable transponders, that would allow being read at a distance with a high level of accuracy. The Xerafy Micro X-II UHF Tag was selected as it is specifically designed for this type of demanding applications in the field.


The waste-collection vehicles are equipped with an RFID reader attached to the hopper to automatically read a container’s unique identifier. The system then associates the container with the GPS location and customer information. The solution also supports mobile RFID readers where required, allowing for fully flexible configurations.

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In turn, the additional data points collected through the solution are leveraged to drive operational efficiency. Usage patterns are analyzed to help identify local requirements and optimize collection routes and schedules accordingly. Personel and fleet management also benefit from insights, in the form of targeted training and optimization of vehicle dispatch, availability, and fuel consumption.

Xerafy is a pioneer in Industrial RFID, bringing to market several innovations that enable advanced industrial identification and automation capabilities. 


In addition to a complete range of field-proven RFID tags available off-the-shelf, Xerafy offers Custom RFID Tags services, covering everything from a personalization service bureau to custom-design engineering capabilities.

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