Automotive Parts Manufacturer Increases Quality With A Track And Trace System Powered By Xerafy RFID

Xingligao Automotive Parts uses Xerafy RFID technology for tracking and tracing throughout the manufacturing process. As a supplier to Bosch, the company is embedded in increasingly complex global automotive supply chains, necessitating the sharing of transparent, reliable parts and product information.











How Do You Reduce Product Recalls

Automotive part and accessory manufacturers must have business systems in place that can trace back and forth and detail any process done to a product throughout its lifecycle.


A quality incident caused by a problem with raw materials or during the manufacturing process can result in a product recall. Without granular information on the production batch, materials, and production line, the company would be forced to conduct a mass recall, resulting in quality, cost, and reputational damage.


Following that, the company sought an automated traceability system that would enable it to pinpoint the exact part that failed based on the individual data stored in the RFID-based system.

A Challenging Industrial Process

The company operates several production lines to treat the surface of automotive parts with aluminum oxide.


Aluminum oxide surface treatment is popular in the automotive industry because it provides excellent paint adhesion and corrosion resistance regardless of substrate, allowing vehicles to use lighter alloys and aluminum without changing the chemical composition or sacrificing performance.


The company’s surface treatment involves high temperatures (up to 130°C) and chemical treatments based on sulfuric acid and alkaline substances. These are notoriously challenging production parameters for industrial systems and will impact their reliability and performance in the field.

How to Deploy an Industrial RFID Track and Trace System

The Xerafy MICRO Industrial RFID tag was chosen for its high-temperature performance and ability to withstand chemicals such as strong acids and alkaline solutions.

MICRO-Industrial Automotive Parts Manufacturer Increases Quality With A Track And Trace System Powered By Xerafy RFID
Xerafy MICRO Industrial mounted on metal product carrier © Xerafy

The RFID system was built around fixed readers on each oxidation treatment line, with the RFID tag mounted on the metal product carrier.


Each reader automatically captures the data stored in the Xerafy MICRO Industrial tag for every product batch being treated and sends it to the company’s production system.

Using RFID for Traceability in Manufacturing

The company had the opportunity to install its track and trace system from the start of its factory. It chose RFID after consulting with its industrial automation partners despite having no prior experience with any industrial identification technologies. Faster response times, a significant reduction in the total number of recalled parts, and associated costs are among the benefits of the newly deployed RFID Track and Trace system.


Although barcodes can be used for traceability applications, RFID has emerged as the preferred industrial track and trace technology.

MICRO-Industrial-2 Automotive Parts Manufacturer Increases Quality With A Track And Trace System Powered By Xerafy RFID
RFID Fixed Reader on Production Line © Xerafy

The read/write capabilities and the ability to automate data capture in complex systems involving high volumes, high speeds, and rugged operating environments make the difference in a real-world setup. RFID technology is also used on the manufacturing line to actively locate a product and determine its status within that line.


Furthermore, manufacturers are using RFID for source tagging, which involves pairing a unique item with an RFID label or tag, providing the product with an identity and a genealogy that is accessible throughout its life cycle, from manufacturing to storage, transportation, and delivery.

Xerafy is a pioneer in Industrial RFID, bringing to market several innovations that enable advanced industrial identification and automation capabilities. 


In addition to a complete range of field-proven RFID tags available off-the-shelf, Xerafy offers Custom RFID Tags services, covering everything from a personalization service bureau to custom-design engineering capabilities.

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