Webinar Voyantic X Inthing X Xerafy – Tracking Tools With RAIN RFID

Webinar_Tracking-Tools-with-RAIN-RFID-1024x602 Webinar Recording: 2406 Voyantic

Industry Subject Experts

Bhavik Ghaghada

US Sales Director


Rajiv Anand

Co-founder & CTO

Teemu Ainasoja

Sales Director


Q&As From The Webinar

Q: How did you manage to accurately read RFID tags on metal items? What is the scanning accuracy you have achieved?

[Xerafy]: Xerafy RFID tags are designed to perform on metal tools to ensure the reading accuracy.


Q: Do you have some RAINFC tags in your portfolio?

[Bhavik]: Yes, we do offer RAINFC tags. Please check our NFC series page.


Q: Can the RFID tags resistant to the shock from the hammer?

[Rajiv]: There are no moving parts on the tag, they are very robust and if haven’t seen any deterioration on these tags even with multiple years of usage.


Q: What if a tool is used on both sides, how can we make sure that the tag would work in both cases?

[Bhavik]: Yes the tag would still work in both the case, just ensure the tag is postioned in the safe spot so it’s not damaged by the operation of the tools. Also ensure the reader used is tested to read the correctly.


Q: Do we have cable tag?
[Xerafy] Yes we do have tags can be attached with cable tie.

Q: How do these tags work in excessive heat/cold environments?
[Bhavik]: Tool tracking tags are rated for -40C to 150C/200C depending on the tag types. Generally Xerafy also offers RFID tags for higher heat environments. More information can be found on our website.


Q: Medical tools requires ultrasonic cleaning – will it sustain?


[Voyantic]: We also had a webinar on tracking medical instruments some time ago. Please check for more details.


Q: Is there a suitable tag for the phone nfc reader available?
[Xerafy] That would be the NFC tag, check our website for more details.


Q: What is the smallest tag size you successfully used?
[Xerafy]: Please check Xerafy’s XS Dash 12.30 x 3 x 2.20mm, and PICO Mini.


Q: Can you suggest a software company for tracking tools for hospitals?
[Inthing]: InThing has the platform, Visium, that is used for tracking tools and clinical equipment for hospitals.


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