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RFID Tags For Inventory: Cost-Effective Tagging Solutions For Inventory Tracking, Location, and Identification

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The Xerafy TRAK series is an innovative solution designed specifically for RFID inventory data collection in the Warehouse, the Factory, the Data Center.

The passive UHF RFID tags offer a cost-effective and efficient method for gathering relevant information and provide a straightforward approach to data collection for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems.

Whether it’s tracking stock levels or monitoring supply chain movements, Xerafy’s TRAK tags empower organizations to leverage RFID technology efficiently for comprehensive inventory management.

The TRAK series leverages Xerafy’s field experience with inventory tracking applications and how to meet their requirements and challenges of inventory tracking in the field. It offers durability and performance for lower deployment costs and can be combined with the OUTDOOR long range tags and METAL SKIN printable labels series.


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“Xerafy is a highly regarded specialist in the field of RFID for mission-critical applications, and their Global Trak RFID tag came out on top of our evaluation.”

RFID Tags For Inventory That Stand Out

The Xerafy TRAK series of inventory RFID tags is based on passive UHF technology optimized to perform equally on metal and plastic surfaces, with durable hard cases and a variety of mounting options

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Durable hard tags designed to provide superior value in any inventory management system

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Sizes and Profiles

A range of form factors to fit into any space available for tagging

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RF performance optimized for industrial surfaces: Metal, Plastics, Wood

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Flexible options including Adhesive, Epoxy, Tethering hole, Zip tie, Cord, Wire

xerafy-product-page-special-icon-05 TRAK | inventory


Regional and Global RAIN RFID available

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Encoding, Printing, Industrial Adhesives

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Circular TRAK

The Best Choice for Circular Economy

The Circular TRAK is a reusable tag that is uniquely designed for long-term durability and sustainability in the circular economy.


With a resilient silicone casing and an IP68 rating, the tag can survive detergents and washing, making it an ideal choice for demanding washing applications in the hospitality and food industry.

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Xerafy-Versa-TRAK-RFID-Tag-for-Versatile-Options-Tracking TRAK | inventory

Versa TRAK

First Choice For Versatile Options

The Versa Trak is an inventory RFID tag optimized to deliver versatile identification at the best price point.

The passive RFID tag is manufactured to meet the high performance that customers expect from on metal RFID tags while providing outstanding performance on non-metallic surfaces.

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Xerafy-Data-TRAK-II-RFID-Tag-for-Data-centers TRAK | inventory


The Universal Choice For Visibility

The Data Trak II is a cost-effective tagging solution for tracking systems that require an inventory RFID tag to perform on metal and off.

The passive asset tracking RFID tag enables inventory management for data centers, logistics, warehouses, while keeping operating costs down.

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Slim-Trak-H9-b TRAK | inventory


Best Choice For A Slimmer Tag

The Slim Trak is an inventory RFID tag with a very slim profile, designed to offer asset tracking performance both on metal and on other surfaces.

Designed with source-tagging in mind, the Slim Trak can be integrated into the recess of metal assets without compromising on RF performance.

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Xerafy-Global-TRAK-RFID-Tag-For-Global-Visibility TRAK | inventory

Global TRAK

Best Choice For Global Visibility

The Global Trak is an inventory RFID tag that relies on global RAIN RFID frequencies for performance on any metal or plastic surfaces.

Its size makes it a perfect fit for a wide variety of assets, at a sensible price.

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How to Print, Mark, Encode, and
Custom Design?

All tags in our TRAK series can be personalized

to support the deployment of your RFID system

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Silk-screen printing options include logo, serial numbers

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-02 TRAK | inventory


Durable laser engraving for
permanent marking

xerafy-product-page-featured-icon-03 TRAK | inventory


User memory versions for
encoding and programming

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Custom options: Industrial adhesives,
mounting systems...

FAQs RFID Tags For Inventory

What RFID readers work with the TRAK series?

The TRAK series tags are all standard passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tags that comply with EPCglobal Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63 standards, also referred to as RAIN RFID.

A wide range of fixed and handheld RFID readers is available, with frequencies and antenna polarization matching the tags’ to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

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