Fleet Tracking
With RFID Systems

RFID technology deployed in the field to track fleets and capture the data needed for operational efficiency.

RFID waste management, cell tower monitoring, weapon tracking system: RFID technology is deployed in the field to manage fleets of equipment and capture the data needed for operational efficiency.

Governments learn from businesses and implement best asset tracking practices for their weapon tracking system and Smart City project.

Fleet Management In The Field with RFID Systems

Rectangle-57 RFID for Utilities

What Are The Challenges Of Fleet Tracking?

Reliable Tags

Tags qualified by leading industry players and proven in outdoor environments


Waterproof and weatherproof tags for optimal outdoor performance


Advanced attachment and removal options: Screws, rivets, zip ties, industry-grade adhesives


Long-range, high-accuracy RFID, suited to environments with a high density of metal

Unique Identification

User memory and unique identifiers

How To Start A Fleet Tracking Project?


Durable components that are weatherproof, waterproof, UV-proof, shocks and impact-resistant.

Long Range

Tagging solutions that are cost-effective and deliver high-accuracy RFID reads on metal, plastic, and wood, over long distances.


Tags and labels in a variety of sizes and profiles, and paired with durable mounting methods such as embedding, epoxy, heat-shrink tubing, adhesives, zip ties, screws, rivets, and magnets.


Support fleet management for assets in the field: Replacement, new items, direct tempering protection.


Serialized tags encoded with unique numbers will enable item-level tracking and traceability.


Hard tags customized with markings such as text and/or barcode identification, as well as labels printed on-site, facilitate deployment and operations.


Utilities tracking projects typically rely on bespoke solutions, developed locally, however, specialist vendors can offer speed, cost, and best practices.

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